Don’t Get Sued – Make Sure Your Sidewalk and Steps are Properly Repaired

Heavy rain, winter and construction plows that are slow can all play a part in the damage of a sidewalk. And while it may not be fair the city cracked your sidewalk while plowing or that a construction crew left your driveway ruined, you are the person who will be sued. Yes, you may file a complaint with the city or the construction team, but it take awhile for any response during that time it’s not as though you will get a waiver claim and to come. After you detect cracks and bumps on your sidewalk or steps, call a repair team straight away.

Who is liable for trips incurred?

If the sidewalk or stairs are on your property or if you own a home or a business, you are the one liable if a person should trip over the crack or stumble over upended slate. Based on the severity of the injury, the amount of the lawsuit can be stiff. If you are waiting for a crew to come repair the stairs or sidewalks, the best way is to indicate the area with yellow caution tape and pylon cones. Also, try to find a sign that says Caution or Danger so you can say that you did everything you could to warn pedestrians that there was damage to the surface and will have better luck fending off a liability lawsuit. The same is true for businesses. If your business operates out of a building with stairs, driveways and sidewalks, it is your responsibility.

Causes of sidewalk Accidents

Snow and Ice accumulation is inherently harmful. Ice is tricky to see. The danger is often hidden by covered debris and unknown elements under the snow. Snow pileups can make walking very difficult causing people to trip up and eventually hurt themselves.

Cracks are rather common. Are raised or irregular elevations in sidewalk. They grow from age tree roots and from the differences between the cold and hot seasons.

Trashcans, overflowing trash, dropped tree limbs and leaves, children’s toys, bottles, and sharp metals are just some of the things thatcan cause a person to trip or hurt themselves. Ice & snow is very difficult to see through. The opacityconceals any dangers normally visible to the human eye.
Potholes are usually made when asphalt or concrete are split apart due to weather changes. . When the roots of shrubs and trees force the asphalt or concrete to break potholes can grow. Cracks can happen at any time. They are raised or irregular splits in the concrete. They generally develop from normal wear and tear, bad soil conditions, uprising tree roots and from weather changes between cold and hot seasons over time.

Property owners will receive notices if they have broken any of the sidewalk regulations of the city. The property owner’s failure may result in being fined and in most cases, the city will force the property owner to pay for the cost of repairs and the damages. So take this as a lesson, get some tips from the experts in the industry such as, and repair your sidewalk and steps. Making sure they are properly repaired will save you the headache of being fined.

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For this reason, we fixed some items (marked with * in the modified items).

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A batch file that creates a new folder with the current date and time as the folder name

My colleague used something like “software that puts a new folder on the desktop with today’s date as folder name when executed”. Moreover, it is said that it is necessary to pay for proper use. I thought that it would not be worthwhile to take money by just creating a batch file of several lines of commands.

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So I made a batch file.

Batch file included zip download

Click on the link above to download and unzip the downloaded zip file, you can create mdc.bat and mdd.bat.


When you execute it, the command prompt screen will appear momentarily, create the new folder with the current date and time as the folder name in the directory containing the batch file. (Ex. The folder name is “20090209-193425” if it is 19:34:25 February 9, 2009)

Unlike mdc.bat, I create folders on my desktop no matter where I run it.

If you put it in the windows folder, just enter “mdd” with “execute with specified file name” (windows + R) and press Enter, make the current date and time as the folder name on the desktop and create a new folder It will be. (If you change the file name to whatever you like, you can run it with the file name without the extension (“d” for “d.bat”))

Please use it as you like. You can rewrite the code as you like.

If you want to change the naming convention from “20090209-193425” to “20090209193425”, open the batch file with a text editor and set “% nDate% -% nTime%” to “% nDate %% nTime%” Please rewrite. If you want to only date, please change “% nDate% -% nTime%” to “% nDate%”.

In addition, we can not take any responsibility for any damage suffered by using this file. … just in case w